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A little more about us...

At Kinder Handl, we've turned recycling into a fantastic adventure! We're not just any company; we're a vibrant community hub, a social enterprise with a heart as big as a playground!

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Hold onto your hats, because we're about to take you on a whirlwind tour of all the incredible things we've been up to!


With over 26,000 CIC's in the UK, we're in a league of our own, and we've got some fantastic news to share... 


Annual Report Highlights: Smashing Social Objectives: We're not just another social enterprise; we're a force of nature when it comes to achieving our social objectives. Each year, we set the bar high, and guess what? We smash it! Thanks to your incredible donations, we're able to give our best, and the results are pure magic! 


Enriching Lives: At Kinder Handl, we're all about enriching lives through whole community inclusion. We offer a wide range of engaging activities and cozy family time for everyone. From the tiniest tots to our more seasoned friends, we've got something special for everyone! 


Free and Inclusive: Our facilities are open to all, and they're absolutely free! We're here to combat isolation and loneliness, providing a welcoming space for everyone to be part of their local community. 


Donations That Keep Giving: Your generous donations keep our wheels turning! We recycle what we can and pass on the love to other organisations, including charities, schools, volunteering groups, health professionals, and social work. It's not just about reducing landfill; it's about offering high-quality, low-cost second-hand goods for everyone! 


Community Harmony: We've introduced a community piano that's music to our ears!  It's a place for people of all abilities, including those with ASC and ADHD, to express themselves and find peace. 


Educational Oasis: Our children's shop is a haven of learning. We've got reading areas, playrooms, creativity spaces, and now, drumroll please... a sensory room! Thanks to the National Lottery, it's open for private relaxation therapy and classes, benefiting children with additional needs and anyone who craves a sensory escape. 


Families First: We partner with numerous organisations, including Glasgow Social Work, Families First, health visitors, and schools/nurseries. Together, we provide support, confidential advice, and free resources like toys, clothing, and furniture to families in need. 


Empowering Employment: We don't just stop at helping our community; we're here to empower our own team! We provide employment opportunities to individuals facing mental health struggles and physical disabilities. We offer mentorship, living wage salaries, training, and ongoing support. It's all about equality, dignity, and respect. 


Partners in Progress: We're proud to partner with the Glasgow Guarantee scheme, offering employment and skill development to a young individual. We believe in nurturing talent and building a brighter future. 


Youth and Volunteering: We've opened our doors to students working on their Duke of Edinburgh awards and welcomed volunteers from Glasgow Clyde college. They've taken part in exciting projects, boosted their confidence, and gained valuable skills for their future endeavors. 


Preserving Heritage: We've stepped up to support a local heritage fund, helping publish the second edition of the Guide to the Battle of Langside. Keeping history alive? You bet! 


Caring for Our Elders: Most recently, we've lent a helping hand to a local care home, combating loneliness, and improving the residents' environment through generous donations. 


Kinder Handl Community Enterprise CIC is all about spreading joy, giving back, and making our community shine brighter every day. We're not just a Community Interest Company; we're a Community Inspiration Company!

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