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The Faces Shaping Our Kinder Community...

At Kinder Handl, we've turned recycling into a fantastic adventure! We're not just any company; we're a vibrant community hub, a social enterprise with a heart as big as a playground!

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Hi, I'm Marni, the Managing Director at Kinder Handl Community Enterprise CIC. My path has been a long and convoluted one, but aren't many? Life can be tough and it's the getting out of bed each day and saying, "let's give it another go today," defines the way to success. Success has many faces and mine includes changing the way in which we look after each other in our surrounding neighborhoods, colleges/schools, local businesses and community health teams. I'm formerly qualified with an honors degree in Molecular Biology and worked for Research Science companies in England. Years later, I found myself back in my hometown of Glasgow as a single mum of two very young children and no direction. What I did have was a desire to make some kind of difference and I don't know if the CIC found me or I found it, however, it gave me momentum to look beyond my own life struggles. It's true when they say, "the more you give, the more you receive." When you live with mental health difficulties and have two autistic children, it's not easy to find work. Sometimes, you must make opportunities and the community organisation ticks all the boxes for myself and amazing staff and volunteering team. Huge flexibility, compassion, support and most of all kindness. It's not your typical working environment and that's what we all enjoy, and for many needs. As individuals we should be accountable for our community and environment, we need to look after the young through to the elderly and watch out for loneliness, social isolation, decline in mental health and general wellbeing. I'm proud to be part of a team that work so hard to make a difference. Oh, the characters we meet, the new puppies, the I just need to be somewhere people and everyone in-between. That's what I call community and the more we work together, the outcomes just keep getting better!



My name's Mark and I do a bit of everything in store whether that's donations, collections/deliveries or serving all the lovely members of our community at the till.  I love music and worked in various record stores for years, so you can often find me pricing up records, turntables and other hi-fi equipment in-store. I also worked as a qualified joiner for a few years and helped work on the children's community space in our kids shop.  Kinder Handl is a great wee place to work and shop as we all get to interact and have a good laugh with our customers while we work. It's very rewarding to know that we're making a difference in the lives of a lot of our customers in providing a place for them to pop in for a cuppa, a wee blether and laugh or two if they're maybe feeling a bit lonely or in need of a friendly welcoming atmosphere.  ​



Hi I’m Rebecca and I’m supervisor at the Mount Florida JNR shop. I previously worked in a chemist, and was at college for a few years achieving my HND social sciences qualification.   I love working at the kids shop as it allows me to meet new people, and I’m still a huge kid at heart so being surrounded by toys and children works well for me. It also suits me perfectly, as I can work around my sons school schedule.   The most rewarding part is seeing how happy and excited the kids are when they first see the shop. Especially now, since we’ve opened up our sensory room, the children have been absolutely loving it!


Laura Ann

Hi, I'm Laura-Ann, I am a qualified Child Development Officer of 20 years therefore my previous jobs have always been within childcare. With 4 young children of my own, I like to think I'm pretty clued up on toys! The children's store in Newton Mearns is a good fit for me and my job is a perfect way to balance out my time at work away from my kids. Kinder Handl is a great team to be part of, and it's nice to see the same familiar faces of the customers popping into the shop each week.

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Hello, I'm Fraser, and I wear the hat of Operations Manager at Kinder Handl Community Enterprise CIC. It's a dynamic position, to say the least, but it's both enjoyable and fulfilling. My day-to-day responsibilities are quite diverse. One moment, I'm deeply engaged in the intricacies of logistics, ensuring that everything functions smoothly. The next, I'm actively involved in our community, working to ensure its well-being and prosperity. It's a role that keeps me on my toes, and I genuinely appreciate the variety it offers. Above all, the most gratifying aspect of this position is the sense of reward. When I reflect on the day's accomplishments, from coordinating various aspects to overcoming challenges and witnessing the positive change we bring, it's truly fulfilling. This role isn't just a job; it's a vocation, and the knowledge that we're genuinely making a difference is incredibly satisfying. So, in a nutshell, I'm Fraser, serving as the Ops Manager at Kinder Handl. It's a multifaceted role that brings its own set of challenges and rewards, and I wouldn't have it any other way.



Hey, Hollie here! My role is retail assistant at Kinder Handl, Battlefield. I have a HND in Illustration & Graphic Design and I’m currently studying Animal Bioscience. Previously worked in tabletop stores and bars.  I like working at Kinder Handl as it is a place of interest and community. It also allows me to further my education in science whilst being supported by my colleagues.  The most rewarding part of working in a community organisation is being able to engage interesting, colorful people who never fail to surprise me with their stories. It’s a wonderful environment and it allows me to express my creativity by creating displays and dressing in my own style.  ​



I’m Louise, I’m currently a journalism student at Glasgow Caledonian University. Working at Kinder Handl is super flexible with university life but the best part of the job has to be the customers. I love all the regulars and hearing all their stories over a cuppa.

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Hi, I'm Jonathan the Operations Director at Kinder Handl Community Enterprise CIC.  Nothing quite surprises you as finding your best self in a completely different role, after years of doing what you thought was your long-term career!  I've spent most of my life in hairdressing, running a business in my own shop.  A few twists and turns later and here I am working between two amazing community shops in Glasgow, serving the locals and befriending anyone who I have the pleasure to meet.  I've always worked with people, enjoyed the training aspect and watching their independence grow.  Life teaches you transferable skills and it's important to keep using them.  The versatility of my role means that I might see you in store or out in the community.  I'm known for going that extra mile with our senior friends, something which I would love to see in more communities.  It's often the ones you don't see on a regular basis that you think about, and a quick check in shows you do care about who is living nearby.  I'm an avid tennis player, and find my doubles matches suits the team player role.  Laughter and a good dose of humor is needed in our line of work.  The wonderful stream of donations means finding opportunities for recycling, upcycling and of course gifting to those in need.  Did I mention the huge reduction in landfill, as that's a major reason in our story of success!  Doors are open and the kettles on…

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Hi, I'm Gail, my career has always been in customer services. I was a hairdresser for a number of years, therefore am a good listener, everyone has a story. It's great being part of such a positive team of people. Being part of a community enterprise I'm glad to help make a difference, people are very generous with their donations.. Each day is different and I meet a wide variety of people. It's very rewarding and satisfying.



Working at Kinder Handl is an absolute joy for me. I adore every moment spent in the shop, surrounded by its vibrant atmosphere and the constant flow of wonderful customers. Each day brings new interactions and opportunities to connect with people from all walks of life, and it's incredibly fulfilling to be a part of their journey, even if just for a brief moment. What truly excites me is the chance to give life to the amazing donations we receive. It's like breathing new energy into each item, knowing that it will find a new home and serve a new purpose. Kinder Handl isn't just a shop to me; it's a community, a place where generosity and compassion thrive, and I feel privileged to be a part of it.



Hi I am Linda and I am a community Assistant at KH and work at the kids shop. Previously  I worked in Clerical roles for 40 years before a big change in career. I previously  worked as a volunteer before becoming a permanent member of staff.  I got my qualifications  many many years ago!   I love that I can walk to work   I love working in the local community   Working here suits my work life balance with my families lifestyle too.   Working here I see lots of amazing donations thanks to the wonderful community and I get to play with toys too !   It's so rewarding to meet lots of people , chatting and seeing  wee ones everyday enjoying the shop.   Especially  our brand new activity room



Throughout my time at University, I held various roles within the customer service industry. My next career step following graduation was gained within the print industry as a Graphic Designer and Artworker.   My day to day role at Kinder Handl includes helping customers, sorting donations, assisting with collections and deliveries and pricing musical instruments, retro toys and collectibles.  My time at Kinder Handl has been life changing. Within our small team, there is always a strong focus on affecting positive change within our community.   Whether it’s a short interaction with a customer who needs a friendly ear or supporting the work we achieve through our wider community outreach - working with Kinder Handl gives me the opportunity to be a part of a team that will always strive to make a positive difference to the lives of those around us.  ​ ​

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Hi there! I'm Puvan, an aspiring actress hailing from the beautiful landscapes of Canada but now finding my creative haven in Scotland. When I'm not honing my craft on stage or in front of the camera, you'll likely find me immersed in the vibrant energy of Kinder Handl, particularly at the Battelfiend store, where I take immense joy in connecting with the community and helping others find their own piece of magic within our eclectic offerings. It's the perfect blend of my passion for storytelling and my love for making a positive impact in people's lives.



Hello, I’m Bethany and I am Kinder Handl’s Online Photography and Sales Specialist, taking care of our eBay and Depop platforms. I graduated from university receiving a Bachelor’s degree in Photography, with my main focal areas being Portraiture and Still Life Photography. I enjoy working at Kinder Handl because I love that we are able to help out the community in multiple ways, as well as giving items a second home. I am very passionate about Sustainability so working for a place that encourages second hand shopping and doing good for the community is right up my street!

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Hi there! I'm Emma, and I can't get enough of working at Kinder Handl! Sure, I'm currently at University, but nothing beats the joy I find in the shop, surrounded by our fantastic customers and the endless stream of amazing donations we receive. It's like every item that comes through our doors carries a story, and I love being a part of giving those items new life.

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Hello! I’m Romy and I’m a retail and community assistant at Kinder Handl. I studied History at university and have since worked in museums, in digital marketing and in the travel sector, and am currently working for a publishing charity alongside my work here. After living in Berlin for 7 years, I’ve found myself in Glasgow and am really enjoying working with and getting to know the fantastic local community at Kinder Handl.

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Hi I’m Sophie, Previous to working at Kinder Handl I done a lot of different jobs, working mostly in high street retail. At the end of lockdown I found Kinder Handl and realised very quickly it was the place for me. While working in retail I also studied photography full time, this was an amazing course which allowed me to master my skills, find my own creativity and throughout that, learn a lot about myself. Kinder Handl was the perfect follow on step from that! Kinder Handl is a place that I can be myself, show my creativity, and continue to grow my knowledge! It is truly a lovely and rewarding job! I love the mix of a wacky eclectic store amongst a safe community space. I always look forward to coming to work, It humbles me to know I am making a difference to people. Having our regular visitors come into the shop for a chat and a rummage really lights up my day.



Hi I'm Hannah! I'm currently working part time as a community and retail assistant whilst I'm at Glasgow university studying for an MA in Geography. It's a dream working in a community toy shop, surrounded by all our happy little visitors. The vibrant colours and smiles make it so worthwhile. The community work carried out crosses all social barriers and I'm passionate about the whole inclusion aspect of my work. Look forward to meeting you!

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Hello! I’m Danielle and I’m the social media manager,I also specialise in visual merchandising. You will find me in all three of our locations and I could be editing,merchandising or going live on our Facebook. I’ve worked in the retail sector for 15+ years and have had many different roles, slow fashion and sustainability is something that’s very important to me and at Kinder Handl we care about our planet by given you the best preloved goodies! When I’m not working I’m busy twin-mumming, marathon training and cold water swimming. No day is the same at Kinder Handl which really excites me, along with the people and local community that come in our doors daily.


Hi, I’m Claire, I recently started volunteering in all 3 of KH’s shops, I liked it so much they employed me! I am based in the NM shop 2 days a week and work with amazing people. I have never worked in retail before, I really enjoy meeting the customers that frequent the shops. It’s such a unique idea where the shops rely on donations from the community and in turn help those in need from the same area. I have for the last 20 years helped my husband run his business part time while being a Mum to now 3 amazing grown ups! I have 2 dogs, Jammi & Dodger, I love walking them in my spare time aswell as weight training & socialising with my family & cherished life long friends.


Hello i'm Siobhan! I do the Photography and manage Online Sales for Kinder Handl I'm studying for a degree in Photography and i have previous education in Communications I work behind the scenes in Kinder Handl, finding those unique and special items in our treasure trove and uploading them to our Ebay and Depop shops for the right person to find and call their own I have a big place in my heart for vintage and secondhand shopping

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