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2023! WHAT A YEAR!! We Achieved SOOOO Much! 

Here's a wee run down of just some of the things that we got up to...

 VIP Card Discounts:
- Collincare Nursery, Adelphi Nursery, Cherry Tree Nursery, Kirktonholme Nursery, Tinto Primary School, Clarkston Afterschool: Providing exclusive discounts to families, ensuring access to quality education and childcare services.

Care Packages:
- Women's Aid: Supporting women in crisis with essential care packages.
- Gorbals & Castlemilk Health Visitors: Extending care and support to families in need.
- Scottish Refugee Council: Offering assistance to refugees through essential care packages.
- Money Matters Centre: Empowering individuals with financial literacy resources for a brighter future.

 Free Books & Toys:
- Blackfriars Primary 1 Class, Hollybrook Academy Sensory Classes, Mearns Primary Classes, St. Oswald’s Kings Park Tales for Tots and Lending Library Group, Kings Park Primary, Queen's Park FC Foundation, Hilltop Nursery, Pregnant Workshop Maternal Journal: Promoting literacy and early childhood development with free books and toys for children and families.

- Kings Park Secondary, Hillhead Secondary, Duke of Edinburgh Volunteers: Engaging volunteers to make a positive impact in the community, fostering leadership and service.

Employment Opportunities for Individuals with Mental Health Issues:

- Providing training and support tailored to the needs of individuals with diverse abilities: ensuring they have equal access to employment opportunities.

- Offering flexible work arrangements and accommodations: to accommodate the unique needs of employees with mental health conditions.

- Promoting awareness and understanding: of neurodiversity within the workplace and the broader community, advocating for inclusive hiring practices and reducing stigma.

- Celebrating the strengths and contributions of individuals: with mental health conditions, recognizing their valuable perspectives and talents.

Vouchers for Raffles/Fundraisers:
- Hilltop Nursery, Mount Florida Primary, Hillhead Secondary School, Mearns Primary, Prince and Princess Wales Hospice: Supporting fundraising efforts to benefit various community projects and organizations.

In addition to the above, Kinder Handl has also contributed to:
- Start Foundation – BHF: Supporting heart health initiatives through charitable donations.
- Sainsbury's Lending Library: Encouraging literacy and education through access to books and resources.
- Children’s 1st Care Packages: Ensuring the well-being of children and families in challenging circumstances.
- The Warm Place: Providing support for the setup of a community resource center.
- Glasgow Clyde College: Collaborating on supported learning programs for students.
- East Renfrewshire Good Causes: Contributing to voluntary projects that benefit the local community.
- Employment through Glasgow Guarantee: Creating opportunities for job seekers through employment initiatives.
- Community Piano: Promoting awareness of ASD and mental health while fostering community engagement.
- Looking after Local Elderly: Providing support and companionship to elderly members of the community through various services.
- Duke of Edinburgh Awards: Recognizing the achievements and contributions of young volunteers.
- Funding for "The Battle of Langside1568" Publication: Supporting historical preservation and community engagement through partnership projects.

2024 is going to be something special! Keep your eyes peeled!







-- Previous Years Achievements Below! --


What a sensational year 2022 was for Kinder Handl Community Enterprise CIC!


But let's be honest, every year with you all is a big one!  We couldn't have done it without your incredible support, and we're thrilled to share some of our amazing highlights from 2022.

Membership Madness: We welcomed a fantastic wave of new members into our KinderHandl family – YOU included!

Collaboration Celebration: We teamed up with some incredible partners, including Social Enterprise Scotland, Turning Point Scotland, and the Scottish Council for Voluntary Organisations. Together, we're making waves of positive change!

Resource Boost: Our community now enjoys even more resources and activities, from the bustling Busby Community Market to the heartwarming Befriending & Check-In program for Mental Health support.

Schooling Success: Schools like Finn's Place, St Maria Goretti Primary School, Comley Park Primary School, and Blackfriars Primary School have joined us on our mission, along with Specialist A & C Teachers helping us make a real difference in the lives of students.

Giving Back: We've reduced landfill waste through recycling, donated additional stock to charities, and made special deliveries to Cartvale Care Home. Our commitment to helping others knows no bounds!

Lights, Camera, Action: Drama students, we've got your back with props and production assistance. Plus, our shops are now a friendly haven for your four-legged friends! 

Community Harmony: Our Community Piano brings joy and solace to those with ASD and Mental Health needs, and we're so proud to be a Glasgow Living Wage Employer.

2023 has been PHENOMENAL so far!

 We have opened a Sensory/Activity Room & Family Coffee Zone
We have  New Employment Opportunities through the Glasgow Guarantee Scheme
And so much more!

Here's a SMALL list of all the fantastic causes we have helped so far, free assistance by donating items and a few of our Memberships!


Turning Point Scotland

Finn's Place

Families First

Glasgow Clyde College

Money Matters

Glasgow City Council

Today's Tomorrow

Pikeman Nursery

St Maria Goretti Primary School

Comley Park Primary School

Specialist A & C Teachers

Blackfriars Primary School

Castlemilk Day Nursery

Busby Community Market

Children's Community Store

Free Nappies

Free School Uniform

Free Play/Activities

Duke of Edinburgh Awards


Filming Locations

Adult’s Community Store

Befriending & check in for Mental Health

Mentoring Additional Needs Students

Recycling to Reduce Landfill

Donations to Charities of Additional Stock

Cartvale Care Home Donations

Glasgow Clyde College

Upholstering Project

Drama Students - Help with Props & Productions

Our Community Piano

ASD & Mental Health

Social Enterprise Scotland

Scottish Council for Voluntary Organisations


Proud to be a Glasgow Living Wage Employer

Looking after Elderly /Prescriptions & Short Trips

and as always... Dogs are Welcome in our Shops!

We're regulated by the Community Interest Company Regulator (SC583026), and we couldn't be more excited about what the future holds. Together, we're making Kinder Handl Community Enterprise CIC an unstoppable force for good!

Here's to an even busier and more successful 2023 because, BECAUSE OF YOU – WE DID IT! 

Join us on this incredible journey as we continue to make a positive impact in our community. Stay tuned, KinderHandl champions! 

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